Freestyle Real Estate, LLC, provides property management and rental listing services to clients throughout the area.


Freestyle Real Estate, LLC can provide property management for all rental properties throughout the term of the lease. Additional monthly fees apply. The management services provided will be determined by an agreement between Freestyle Real Estate and the property owner. Services may include the following:

  • Collect and Deposit Rents
  • Pay Invoices, Mortgages, Taxes, etc. from rental income
  • Enforce terms and conditions of the lease agreement
  • Coordinate repairs and maintenance
  • Supervise turnover in tenancy; painting, carpeting, cleaning, locks, etc.
  • Provide monthly financial statement and cash flow disbursements based upon the income received and expenses incurred


Tours will be scheduled on an individual basis on days and times acceptable to the owner or current tenant. If an appointment is requested from another brokerage, only licensed agents from registered brokerages will be showing the home.


Prospective tenants will be required to complete a Rental Application in standard form from the Pennsylvania Association of Realtors. Upon receipt of a completed application, owner will be provided this information:

  • Credit Report/Score
  • Employment History and Verification
  • Previous Rental History and Landlord Evaluation
  • Verification of Income vs. Expenditure Ratios
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Photo Identification Verification

The information in the application and the items reported will be provided to the owner for review and approval.


When a qualified applicant is located for the lease term, the agent will create a standard lease agreement. Any additional addendums, Rules and Regulations or homeowners/condominium association requirements will also be provided as required by the owner.

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