Fall is a Great Time To Sell A Home!

The amazing show of colors that Mother Nature displays may be the first thing that comes to mind during the fall season. But many people never realize that many home buyers are ready for a new house in autumn making it a perfect time to sell.

The adage that spring is the hottest time to put your house on the market was always driven by the fact that families wanted to get everything settled and moved in before the kids started back to school in August and September.

Home sales demographics prove that the majority of homebuyers are no longer focused on the school year.  Many are looking for the home they desire and will not hesitate to make that move in the fall or winter months.  There are also always buyers who are moving to a different area or region and need to find a house quickly.

Sellers can count on people who are in a hurry to buy a house in the fall because they are anticipating the approaching holiday season. They dream of the big fireplace for their kiddos’ stockings and a big dining area for family and friends.

Right now, a housing shortage keeps prices high. Many homes are still selling for over list price and witnessing multiple offers due to the shortage of available inventory.

With the usage of internet, people can find your home any time of year. Those who want to buy a home in the fall will know exactly what they are looking for and where to look for it. Make sure the photos of your home capture all the fantastic parts that will entice potential buyers.

Selling your house in the fall can also be a good idea because some people are looking to buy for tax purposes. People want to get into a home before the end of the year to take advantage of the many tax breaks that come along with buying a house, Milligan said.

If you do decide to sell in the fall, here are some ways to make sure you get the best price and best buyers:

Focus on curb appeal for autumn

Always encourage our sellers to make sure the lawn looks as good as possible. Get it reseeded and pull out all the spring and summer plants that have died.  By putting in some colorful mums and other fall annuals and colors, your house is going to look its best. But don’t go really crazy with Halloween or Thanksgiving decorations while the house is on the market – it could turn some buyers off.

Make sure the interior has sufficient lighting

When the days are short and there are evening showings in the fall, sellers should have at least three sources of light in each room even. For instance, a living room should have floor lamp and two table lamps.

You might even want to invest in a few battery-operated candles that offer a flickering, romantic light that doesn’t come with the danger of fire. Also, be sure that your existing light bulbs are working.

Clean, clean, clean

Make sure your windows are sparkling for potential buyers. Getting rid of all the clutter will definitely help with enticing people to buy your house. While cleaning, make sure you target every surface including doors, walkways, countertops, porches, bathrooms and carpets.

Highlight fall features of your home

If you have a cozy family room with a fireplace, light the fire for showings if possible.  Highlight this room as a main focal point and create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.  Put pillows and blanket throws on the couch and chairs.  Bake some chocolate chip cookies or cinnamon rolls to have that smell linger in the kitchen.


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