Hard to believe it is almost mid-July! Summer is in full swing and it seems like Fall will be here before we know what happened. I am so often asked what is the best time of the year to sell. I think most in the Real Estate industry would agree that it seems there is no longer a need to be ‘in the Spring Market’ or ‘hurry and sell before the kids go back to school’. We are experiencing an incredibly active market and inventory of available homes continue to remain low. With interest rates dropping to the lowest rates since 2016, demand for homes and affordability is high. All of that summed up means anytime is a GREAT time to sell.

In contrast as a buyer, the main advantage is that interest rates are quite low. The difficult part is not only locating a house but also successfully having an offer accepted. I cannot reiterate enough how important it is to be prepared with financing and in direct contact with a lender prior to looking at any homes. Competition is fierce, especially for turnkey homes, and it is vital that you are prepared and have an agent who can recommend ways to strategically write your offer to jump to the top of, what is potentially, a pile of other offers.

The activity of the Real Estate Market has been keeping us on our toes, carefully watching forecasts and market trends. As of now, everything continues to be pointing up. If you need advice or guidance as you consider how to take advantage of the market, we would be grateful to help or to recommend some trusted service providers. We are often asked ‘Should I Sell, Refinance, Put on an Addition, Make some cosmetic improvements, and more’. We are happy to help wherever we can!

Have a great July!

Suzanne Kunda

Broker/Owner, Freestyle Real Estate, LLC