The final walk-through is an exciting time for buyers: The house is almost yours! What should you expect from the final walk-through as the buyer? Your agent can guide you but here are a few of our favorite tips to prepare for the final walk-through.

Review the Agreement of Sale and Repair Addendums

Can’t remember the terms of your agreement or what repairs you agreed to? Be sure to discuss with your Agent.  (Need a copy?  No worries—our agents always have a copy readily available)

The walk-through should happen before the closing

A final walk-through can take place on the same day as closing, or possibly before.  If needed to check on repairs, a walkthrough can be scheduled in the days leading to closing.  A final walkthrough should be conducted the day of closing immediately prior to make sure the house is in the condition you would expect before signing over ownership at closing. 

Sellers should have removed all their belongings

Unless you’ve offered sellers a post-closing access agreement, all of the seller’s personal belongings should be out of the house.  Items left behind should be part of the inclusions as listed in the Agreement of Sale.

Utilities should be operating

You aren’t going to be able to test the lights or the sinks if the electricity or the water has been shut off! Seller is responsible to keep utilities on the day of closing.  Buyer assumes all utilities the day following.  

The home should be clean, and trash taken out

The Agreement of Sale requires a Seller to leave the house in a ‘broom-swept’ condition.  The home should be clean and free of any debris and personal property.  A seller is not required to patch nail holes, or marks left from wall hangings, furniture marks, etc.  If there is damage to walls from moving, or damage that was otherwise covered up on previous walkthroughs, you do have the right to request the seller repairs these items.     

Negotiated repairs should be finished

After the inspection, you may have had a list of repairs that you wanted the seller to handle. Be sure that any negotiated repairs were completed—and completed correctly. Remember, it’s going to be your responsibility after closing, and you deserve to have the agreed-upon repairs made before that happens.  Any contracted repairs should be completed and receipts provided.

Included items should be present

If you agreed in the contract that the seller would leave the washer and dryer, make sure that those things are actually present when you do the walk-through. Be sure to check your Agreement of Sale to confirm all items are present.

Turn it on, shut it off

During your final walk- through:
Check lights and fixtures
Check sinks (above and below), showers, tubs to ensure water runs freely and there are no leaks.
Make sure windows and doors open and close smoothly
Check appliances
Turn on the heat/air conditioning to ensure they work appropriately
Check walls, floors and ceilings for any cracks, holes, stains, mold or damages caused by moving furniture.  Check garages, basements and sheds/outbuildings.   Unless you’ve agreed otherwise, these items should be addressed by the seller before you settle.