It’s time. You know it. You can feel it. But have NO idea how to get the ball rolling. What am I talking about? Selling your home, of course! There are so many questions: Should you do this on your own?; Why should you work with a real estate agent?; How long will the process take? Here are a few tips on what to expect…when you’re selling.


  1. Finding Your New Best Friend, a/k/a REALTOR®: he or she will help you navigate the sales process and act as your partner throughout the transaction, communicating with everyone from your mortgage broker to inspectors and appraisers, putting all of the pieces together for a successful closing that meets your needs.
  2. Pricing & Preparation: setting the right price for your home will not only help to put more in your pocket, but it will also set the tone for prospective buyers. Your agents will provide you suggestions for staging your home and minor home improvements (i.e. painting a wall or planting fresh flowers).
  3. Your Marketing Plan: how your home is presented, and the visibility of your listing are huge factors in the sales process. The goal of the marketing plan is to help in attracting the right buyer and increase the possibility of multiple offers.  
  4. Your Listing Goes Live: this is the nail-biter. You will see in an increase in drive-by traffic from potential buyers. Your agent will contact you to schedule showings and open houses. Your home will be equipped with a lock-box for these occasions. The buyer’s agent will provide feedback on your home and adjustments for future showings (within limit!) will be made.
  5. The Offer Process: this is the fun part—you have an interested buyer (or, even better, multiple buyers)! When an offer is made and accepted by you, you and the buyer will enter into an Agreement of Sale or Contract. Your agent will negotiate the final terms of sale with the buyer and their agent on your behalf and under your instruction.
  6. The Closing Process: when the final offer is accepted and a closing date is set, an outside title company will step in. They ensure all financial aspects of the contract are completed. On the day of settlement, you will sign documents, pay any fees or closing costs, transfer the deed to the buyer and arrange to legally record the transaction as a public record. This will be the momentous conclusion to your home-selling journey—YOU DID IT!

At Freestyle Real Estate, our goal is to differentiate your home in the market and make you and your home our top priority. We are real estate for real people. Let us show you how.