It is hard to believe, like most things, that it has been 10 years since we first opened.  In ways, it does not seem that long ago, while at the same time, it seems forever ago.  Remembering the days of working at a franchise office and thinking to myself “I should open up my own office as an independent broker!”.  Most thought I was crazy in 2007 even discussing the idea because the market was rapidly slowing and I was pregnant.  Shortly I would be in tow with a newborn.  The final ignitor was hearing someone in a high-ranking corporate leadership position tell me that it could not be done and that no one opens independent offices anymore.  The stubborn Polack in me raged that day and there was no turning back.  Broker/Owner of my own office was my destiny.

With a business plan in place and some lofty ideas, I enrolled my father to help me build the first office space.  With a 6-month-old in a playpen watching us frame walls and place drywall, we completed the office in September of 2008 and awaiting the final inspections from the PA Real Estate Commission. 

I remember opening the office with extreme fear and excitement all wrapped into one.  The dream of owning a business and following through felt like such an accomplishment.  All the while, sitting and waiting for the phone to ring and getting things moving felt like I had set my family up for a complete failure. 

Persistence seems to be the key I have learned more than any other in this journey.  Persistence in the beginning gave me the courage to continue to try and never give up.  It built the business with each transaction and by continuing to try to do better.  In the toughest markets, finding ways to persevere and be innovative. 

For each of the past 10 years we have continued to grow and remain relevant.  Our crew has been dedicated, professional and caring which is the purpose of why we are here.  The real estate market is one of the most rapidly changing industries and has been highly impacted with the advancement of technology.  To many, the rapid change is frightening and a major cause concern.  The interesting dynamic in my eye is that our office culture allows for us to modify quickly and continue to remain relevant.  I feel the excitement in it. 

With this, I look forward to the next 10 years and the new chapters we will begin with endless possibility.  Our success would never be possible without those who have worked with us to open their next chapters.  To our clients, I am forever grateful.  To our crew, we could have never accomplished what we have without each of you.   Thank you.  Sincerely.  Suzanne.